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Do you have any items you can donate to us for raffle prizes, tombolas, market stalls or car boot sales?  Can you spare any cat food, bedding, or toys?

Donations of any goods would be very gratefully received - we can arrange to collect.


Please consider making a donation - any amount no matter how small will help us to look after the cats we have in care.

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Tel: 07918 869503

When contacting us please bear in mind that we're all volunteers and cat rescue has to fit around jobs and families, so at times there may be a small delay in responding.


We have just a few simple rules that we ask new owners to agree to when adopting cats or kittens from us:
Kittens must be kept indoors until they are at least 6 months old and have been neutered/spayed.  When eventually let outside, the first few times should be under the supervision of a responsible adult.
Adult cats must be kept safely indoors for at least 2 weeks.  This is because they need time to familiarise and adjust to their new home.
No cats or kittens will ever be put out for the night, they must have safe shelter during the day with easy access to their home, and to be kept indoors overnight.
The new owner must ensure that the cat or kitten is well-fed, groomed, receives veterinary care & attention and/or medication when required.  In general, you must provide a safe, caring environment and a reliable home.
Most importantly, all kittens both male and female must be neutered/spayed when old enough.  A neutering form will be provided for your veterinary surgeon to stamp and sign at the time of the procedure, we ask that you return this form to Cat Welfare as a condition of rehoming.
These rules are in place for the welfare of the animals.  Cat Welfare's neutering policy is in place to ensure that no more unwanted pregnancies arise as a result of the animals that we rehome.  We rescue far too many queens, abandoned because they have fallen pregnant again, and far too many kittens, taken away from their mum at an age when they simply have no hope of fending for themselves.  Not to mention the un-neutered tom cats we rescue who have been in numeous fights and wandered over many busy roads in pursuit of females.

We do not have a set fee for any rehomed animal but do request a reasonable donation to help us pay vet costs and to continue the rescue work.